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Are you looking for a READY TO GO, NO-PREP engaging lesson or activity to keep your students on-task while you get baseline testing for your students? This back to school math mystery crack the code is perfect for you …. PRINT AND GO! Students will enjoy solving clues to this 1st and 2nd grade review skills in this Who Done It Mystery!

Available in color and black & white.

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The Case of the Missing Supplies is about a student who thought they could take supplies home with him/her to use. The problem is, he/she took them off another student’s desk! Who did it? Students must use their math skills to eliminate suspects so they can find out took the missing supplies!

Math Skills Addressed:

★ Ten More/Ten Less 2-digit

★ Comparing 2-digit numbers < >

★ Place Value blocks with 3-digit numbers

★ Missing addends to 20

★ Expanded Form 2-digit

★ Number Order

★ Adding Three Numbers

✓ PRINT AND GO! Staple all included pages in ANY order!
✓ Easy student understanding

How can I use this product?
• Independent work, group work, partners, sub tubs, math centers, early finishers or homework. The possibilities are endless!
• Use individually or as a packet.

How long will this activity take?
This activity is intended to be review. I would review the skills quickly before passing out the math mystery. I prefer to do these packets in partners. For me, it can take my class anywhere from 45 minutes to and hour on average. For back to school, the timing may take a bit longer until students understand the format.

20 pages included – 6 grayscale version, 6 color version, 6 answer keys

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