Addition to 10



This addition to 10 skill swirl is a fun way for students to practice their math facts and stay engaged during learning! This addition to 10 freebie will have your students thinking they are playing a game! Skill Swirls can be used for early finishers, centers, or a fun assessment.

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The best part about these? Skill Swirls are DIFFERENTIATED for your students. How? This freebie includes one Skill Swirl that does not have repeated sums, making a clear path to the finish line for your low and on-level learners. For your above level learners, this Skill Swirl contains one repeated sums puzzle, making your above level students have to complete, analyze, and revise their path to the finish line.

If you enjoyed this freebie, check out my full unit here: Addition and Subtraction Sums to 20 Unit and download the Preview. The full unit will contain THREE Skill Swirls for each level (6 Swirls per focus area).

The full unit includes skills for:

★ Addition to 10

★ Subtraction from 10

★ Addition to 20

★ Subtraction from 10

★ Doubles

★ Doubles Plus 1

★ Mixed Operations to 20

****That’s 42 Skill Swirls****



Time Differentiated Leveled Printables

Money Differentiated Leveled Printables


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