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Do you have a hard time keeping up with math academic vocabulary? Do your students need a visual to help them remember? These cards are easy to read and provide a perfect visual to help the brain understand the vocabulary word being taught.

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96 academic math vocabulary included:

  • A ~ addition, array, addends, analog clock, a.m./p.m., attributes, angles, acute angle
  • B ~ base ten blocks, bar graph
  • C ~ compare, centimeters, circle, cylinder, cube, cone
  • D ~ digit, difference, digital clock, dollar, dime
  • E ~ expanded form (2 and 3-digit numbers), equal to, even, estimate, edges, equation
  • F ~ feet, faces, fact family, fourths/one-fourth
  • G ~ greater than, greatest to least
  • H ~ hundreds place, halves/one-half, hundreds chart, hundreds, half-dollar, hexagon, hour, height
  • I ~ inches
  • L ~ less than , length, least to greatest
  • M ~ meters, minutes,
  • N ~ Number form, nickel
  • O ~ Ones place (2-digit and 3-digit numbers), odd, ones, obtuse angle, octagon, operation
  • P ~ place value, pattern, pictograph, penny, pentagon, polygons, partition, pyramid
  • Q ~ quadrilaterals, quarter
  • R ~ repeated addition, rectangle, rhombus, rectangular prism, right angle
  • S ~ standard form (2-digit and 3-digit numbers), skip count, subtraction, sum, square, sphere, sides, seconds
  • T ~ tens place (2-digit and 3-digit numbers, thousands place, tens, thousands, triangle, trapezoid, thirds/one-third, time
  • V ~ value, vertices
  • W ~ word form, width
  • # ~ 2D shapes, 3D shapes

These can be used as centers, with partners, whole group as you introduce, or on your word wall! A journal, boy and girl, is also provided for the students to keep track of their learning throughout the year!


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