Top 15 Teacher Must Haves from Amazon

I think it’s safe to say that teaching is one of those professions that comes along with a lot of “stuff”. Whether you teach kindergarten or upper elementary, you probably have a ton of materials to keep organized. This is no easy task but it’s SO important for creating a calm and inviting classroom. Over the years, I have tested a ton of tools, systems, boxes, and bins. Some were great and others didn’t even last a year. Today I am bringing you the tried and true winners for a well-organized classroom. Check out my Top 15 Teacher Must Haves from Amazon! 

These 15 teacher must haves from Amazon will make your teacher life so much easier with organization and storage ideas for every classroom.

1. Teacher Toolbox

I’m honestly not sure if there is anything better than this for staying organized. I LOVE my teacher toolbox as a way to keep all my most frequently used items organized and easily accessible. 
This teacher toolbox is exactly what I needed to help me keep all of my most frequently used teacher supplies organized in one place. By attaching editable labels like the superhero themed or cactus themed labels, I know just where to find what I'm looking for.
If you’re looking to customize your toolbox like mine, be sure to check out my Cactus theme and Superhero theme decor sets! These toolbox decor sets are editable and sized to fit the drawers on this unit perfectly. Also, I have seen these cheaper at Home Depot and Lowes, so be sure to shop around on this item if you’re looking for a bargain! 

2. View Binders

These are true classroom heroes! I stock up on these at the beginning of the year and use them for just about everything! I find that Walmart typically has these for the cheapest price right at back-to-school time. 
These binders are my favorite way to keep lesson plans, center resources, and small group printables all in one easy to organize binder.
I love these for organizing small group materials, math and literacy resources, and seasonal activities. They are easy to store on a shelf and the view pocket makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

3. Rolling Teacher Cart

This is my all-time favorite teacher cart and it’s often 50% off at Michaels! I love how many drawers this has and how bright and cheerful the colors are. I use this for my small group materials and store them right next to my small group table. It is super easy to access everything I need! 
A rolling teacher cart is great for your mobile classroom organization. Label your drawers for easy access.

4. Shoe Organizer

This one might seem a little odd to include in a classroom roundup, but trust me, it is an organization and storage dream! These can be used for so many things, and are a great space saver since they hang right over a door. 
Use a hanging shoe organizer like this one to keep craft supplies like extra pencils, crayons, markers and much more all in one easy, out of the way place.

I personally love to use these for my classroom store. The pockets are clear, making it easy for students to see what is available for “purchase.” This avoids having to dig around in a bin or search for just the right thing. Since I started using them, the shopping process has sped up too!
As an added bonus, you will know when you need to replenish your supply! These are also great for storing extra pencils, crayons, markers, and craft supplies. 

5. Storage Trays

These are great to use if you have classroom helpers or assistants. I use 4 of these and print labels for each that read, “copy”, “review”,  “grade” and “file”. This way, if my assistant happens to have any downtime they can easily check the bins and see what needs to get done. It’s a simple way to keep things organized and avoid your assistant having to wait on you for direction. 
Storage trays are a great way to organize papers in your classroom.

6. Paper Sorter

While these aren’t the cutest organizational system, they are SO functional. I have used these for sorting colored construction paper and printer paper but they are also perfect for collecting student work. I like to label these with each subject so that students can place their finished work in the appropriate bin. This makes grading a breeze! As a bonus, this paper sorter stacks to save space. 
A paper sorter is a great way to organize your colored construction paper in your classroom. This makes it easy for students to independently grab the paper they need for their activities.

7. Circular Magnets

At the beginning of the year, I assign each student a number. The students will use their numbers to keep track of their own materials, cubby, drawers, etc. I number these magnets with a permanent marker and will then use them on a magnetic board to have students make their lunch choice for the day upon entering the classroom. I love giving my students this responsibility and as a bonus, this system doubles for taking attendance super quickly as well!
Circular magnets are so versatile! I love using them for my students to indicate their lunch choices in the morning. It's a great way to foster independence in your students.

The options for this unit are endless! I especially love the durability of these drawers, making them great for students to handle. These drawers are another great option for collecting student work. I purchase enough of these units for each child to have a drawer and label by numbers so you don’t have to change the label every year. Children compile their work in here, rather than shoving them into their desks.  We all know those desks eat loose papers!

You can also find these at Michael’s during the 50% off sales, bringing this item down to around $50 each!  It’s a steal in my opinion!


I also love these for housing seasonal materials that get swapped out every month that I was the students to have access to. I’m pretty sure you can never have enough drawer units in an elementary classroom!

9. Library Book Bins

These are the BEST book bins for your classroom library. They are wide enough that students can flip through the books in each bin and easily see the entire cover of every book. I also love that a label will easily fit on the front, so the kids can put their books back in the correct bin independently. I have also seen these at Walmart, Target, and occasionally even the dollar store!

Library book bins are seriously the BEST way to organize your classroom library.

10. Colorful Book Bins

These colorful book bins have so many uses, and they don’t just stop at holding books! I love to use these for helping students corral and keep track of items assigned to them. During small group time, each child will have their own set of materials in the bin and then they return all the items when finished.  It makes it super easy to pass out and collect materials, and saves time too!
Colorful book bins help your students keep their small group books organized and easy to access in your classroom.
Another fantastic use for these is for silent reading time. Each student will choose 5 books and place them in their bin before the timer starts. This way they are actually reading during the allotted time, rather than “searching” for a book. This is a great tool for behavior management during independent activities. I often see these in the Target Dollar Spot, and they come in a ton of colors!

11. Dry Erase Pockets & Dry Erase Boards

These items are crucial for my daily small groups. I love that students can use the same worksheet over and over with the handy dry erase pockets. This set also has a hole punched in each pocket, making these perfect to hang on a command hook attached to your small group cart or shelf.  
You can also use a metal ring to create a set of dry erase activity sheets for students to complete during centers.  Once on the ring, students can just flip through each activity.  And don’t forget that you can add a page that will show through on the front and back of each dry erase pocket.
Dry erase pockets are the perfect way to keep items crucial for daily small group practice all in one easy to find location. The color coding makes it easy for you to assign specific colors to each group.

The dry erase boards, though similar to the pockets, are also essential all on their own as far as I’m concerned! These are perfect for practicing just about any concept. I love that we don’t need to print off a ton of paper when using these and they are great for whole group games, small groups, centers, and quick assessments.  And . . . there’s something about saying ‘grab a dry erase marker’ that increases student engagement too!
Dry erase boards are a great mobile option for students to use when working in small groups or on the carpet as a whole class. They are easy to store and take up very little space in the classroom.

12. Student Mailboxes 

If you’re in the market for student mailboxes, don’t even consider the cardboard ones! Trust me, those were a total waste of money and sadly don’t even hold up a year. While these ones are a bit pricier, you will be pleased to see how sturdy they are. I bought the 24 compartment set and they lasted 20 years in my classroom! The 24 compartment set is a bit more compact.   If you have the space, it’s much cheaper to buy 2 of the 15 compartment units instead. 
Student mailboxes are a great way to keep individual supplies or papers organized for each of your students.
To keep these organized, I write each student’s number on a binder clip with a permanent marker and clip it to the shelf. Each child can easily find their cubby this way and take minimal effort on your part!

13. Giant Post-Its

These are so useful in the elementary classroom! I love using these for anchor charts, brainstorming, quick visuals for a lesson, or really anything I want the children to be able to reference later. Having a large whiteboard is great, but eventually, you have to erase the info you put up there. This solves that problem and allows you to revisit the chart anytime your kiddos need it!  Since they are sticky you can quickly and easily move them to a new wall.

Giant post its are a super useful way to write down and save information for your class as you are working with small groups or the entire class.

14. Wireless Doorbell 

This little gadget will solve all of your classroom management woes for under $20! I love this battery-operated doorbell as it has so many different chime options and volume levels, so you can customize it to your liking. I LOVE using this to get my kids’ attention. It’s especially helpful when your class is getting a little rambunctious. I love that my students know exactly what the chime means and I don’t have to shout and try to get everyone’s attention. 
Get your student's attention in a fun way with a wireless doorbell in your classroom this year.

15. Velcro Carpet Dots 

Last but not least, these velcro carpet dots will save your sanity! I like to use these as a visual reminder for where students will stand or sit throughout the year. Great for maintaining a bit of space between the children during silent reading time or independent activities. This will prevent you from having to “remind” your students where they should be during an assigned activity away from their desks.  They are a great option for carpet time if you don’t have a rug with marked seating spaces.
Velcro carpet dots are the solution to your classroom management challenges when lining up for lunch, recess, or even sitting on the carpet for whole group work. The best part is they can be moved anytime and are easy to store and reuse year after year.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my favorite classroom tools and materials! I have found that using these items in the classroom makes for a much smoother day-to-day operation and promotes independence among my students. 
While you aren’t likely to try everything on this list, give one or two a try.  Think about the areas in your classroom that give you the most frustration and try one of these to help fix it.  And . . . when you order from Amazon you can have it delivered directly to your school.  No more lugging boxes from your house to the classroom.

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These 15 teacher must haves from Amazon will make your teacher life so much easier with organization and storage ideas for every classroom.


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