15 of the Most Amazing Distance Learning Resources {freebie}

Has your school decided to go virtual this year?  Are you stressing over finding something that will work for you and your classroom?  This post will help you narrow down some options for your e-learning.  It’s not about using all of them, it’s about finding the perfect fit.  I know you will find something that you’ll love in these 15 amazing distance learning resources!

Using the computer to do her classwork for distance learning.

Distance Learning Resources

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom has easily taken over schools during distance learning!  Why is it so popular?  The platform is a free service for schools and for anyone with a Google account. Google Classroom is easy to implement for teachers and students are able to show their learning in a variety of ways.  Classroom is a one-stop shop for teachers to create classes, assign assignments, communicate and stay organized, all without using any paper!  
I am constantly growing my Google Classroom products.  One of my favorite new lines is this seasonal and differentiated 3-digit addition picture reveal!
3-digit addition picture reveal cover using Google for distance learning.

2. Seesaw

Right up there, and one of my personal favorites, is Seesaw!  Seesaw uses a variety of tools to create an individualized and meaningful experience for the students.  It’s also very teacher and student friendly.  Using the Seesaw’s digital portfolio, teachers can distribute assignments for the students to interact with using their built-in annotation tools.  Students are able to show what they know through text, draw, pictures, and voice and video recordings.  Seesaw can transform any jpg into an interactive pdf!

3. ClassDojo

I use Seesaw for my student work, but I can’t leave ClassDojo out!  Dojo is great for parent communication and classroom behavior.  Teachers can create categories for students to earn points for and use in whatever behavior management system you have in place.  I like to connect them to my reward coupons, which I will continue to use appropriate ones through distance learning.  
Various classroom reward coupons that you can use for distance learning for classroom management.

You can read up on my blog about how I use my reward coupons in my classroom and also snag a freebie while over there! 
Communication is exceptional as well.  I can send out a letter to all my parents and dual-language parents can have my message translated on their end!  Saves me time and the parents are still kept “in the know.”  Also, through Class Story, I can share pictures and work that we have been completing in class or reminders for upcoming events.  Parents and students have the option to comment on the posts (if approved) or ask questions! 

4. Khan Academy

Kahn Academy is a wonderful resource for teachers who are looking for standards based content for their students to practice.  Teachers are able to show videos, articles and practice exercises to their students as well as track student progress. 

5. BOOM Cards!

BOOM Cards made a huge jump on the scene during the Covid shutdown of 2020.  BOOM became a quick favorite of many teachers because they were cute, offer immediate feedback to students, are easy to assign for teachers, and with the paid (CHEAP) subscription, tracked student progress.   If you would like to learn more about BOOM, you can read about it on my post HERE and also grab a FREEBIE!
You can check out the individual decks I have in my TpT Store HERE or click below for differentiated bundles (1st-3rd grade).

Math BOOM Cards
Language Arts BOOM Cards

6. Remind

Remind is another great communication tool to use with parents and students.  Parents sign up to receive text messages from teachers regarding important events and the best part is phone numbers are kept private!

7. BrainPop Jr.

BrainPop Jr. is a site that shows short videos for teaching concepts.  I like to use it to introduce my topic because it gives a good explanation in an engaging way and hooks your students.  Depending on the topic, I might show it again once the students have a better understanding.  Although this is a paid site, they do offer a free “movie of the week,” so it’s worth checking out!

8. IXL

IXL is a great comprehensive app that allows practice on multiple skills in five subjects!  A free version is offered, but to get the full experience, this is a great app to recommend purchasing.  It helps to show what students know and can offer a great differentiation tool for the teacher.

9. Color by Number Sheets

Color by number sheets are a great way to practice skills in a fun and engaging way.  Although not digital, these are self-explanatory sheets that can easily be sent home and completed then uploaded through a distance learning tool!  
Using 3-digit place value to color in the code associated with the answer.

10. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is another tool that can help get students to verbalize their thoughts and ideas to a topic.  It would be great for students to respond to a morning meeting message, share book talks, or give presentations on a given topic! 

11. Screencastify

Screencastify was designed with the flipped classsroom in mind.  Teachers can make learning more personal with full or mini prerecorded lessons.  Screencastify says “thinking made visible” through speech and language practice, comprehension and reflection exercises and interactive slide presentations.

12. Kahoot

Kahoot is a great interactive game that students can play at their own pace.  Each child has their own screen with questions and answers.  The object is to get the answer correct in the quickest amount of time – accuracy over speed.  Kahoot is great for review work or classwork assignments.  Students enjoy this fast-paced game!

13. Quizizz

Quizizz is another great option for students and teachers.  Teachers can create their own questions or browse the assortment of quizzes created by other professionals.  Students can play on their own or with multi-players at their own pace to compete individually.  Quizizz records students scores and they have an option to replay.

14. Number of the Day

My number of the day sheets are perfect for repeated practice that students can easily manage on their own.  Simply go over the page one or two times and the students are ready for the rest of the month!  For each month the questions are consistent but only the numbers change, allowing students independent practice manipulating numbers in a variety of ways!

Drop these into Seesaw, Kami, or whatever you prefer to keep your students’ skills sharp!

A number of the day worksheet that is consistent for students to use during distance learning.

I have a few different versions available:
* 60 pages of 2-digit Number of the Day practice
* 60 pages of 3-digit Number of the Day practice
* Monthly Number of the Day practice that grows in difficulty each month

15. Xtramath

Xtramath is a great way to keep those math skills fine-tuned.  This website is free (app is paid so make a shortcut on the computers) and allows teachers easily differentiation options.  Students work at their own pace to review their math facts.  You can assign addition, subtraction, multiplication or division practice.  Speed levels can be adjusted as well as the number of facts!  
Again, it’s not about using ALL of these.  My goal was for you to find one or two new useful distance learning resources to add to your collection!  
Have I left something out?  Is there something you can’t live without?  Let me know below.  Save the image below on Pinterest for easy reference! 

A girl using one of the amazing distance learning resources.A computer screen showing 15 tools for effective distance learning


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