Fun Spelling Practice for St. Patrick’s Day {Think Centers}

Most students begin learning to spell in their first and second grade classrooms.  Most early spelling words are words that need to be memorized because decoding them is not possible.  These are called our sight words.  Sight words are words that do not follow spelling rules nor do they follow the six syllable types.

These sight words need to be written, read and applied to your daily curriculum.  Most teachers focus on including a few of the sight words amongst other words with a pattern.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, but I want to offer some practice that will help a child visualize their words multiple times in a fun and meaningful way.

Over the school year, I incorporate spelling in our monthly theme.  It offers variety to the students and they often like to color the pages afterwards.  For March, we of course focus on St. Patrick’s Day!  There are three areas I tend to focus on when creating my St. Patrick’s Day Spelling Activities, as you will see below.

1. Repeated Practice

Repeated practice is necessary for those sight words that we discussed earlier.  These words need to be written and read over and over.  These printables offer a variety of practice for this area and do a great job of adding a holiday element to keep students engaged.

These spelling practice pages have students writing and rewriting their words, adding one letter at a time as they complete the word, use their left and write hand to write and roll and spell for a variety of activities for this St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Rainbow words offers another opportunity for student to have repeated practice in a fun way that students will want to complete.

A picture find is a great way to incorporate partner work with their practice.  Students will “hide” their spelling words amongst the picture and a partner will need to find them.  If you would like a challenge, have the students write “oops words” in the picture (words that are ALMOST spelled correctly).  This offers an extra challenge for the searcher!

2. Skills Based

This spelling packet also includes a few skills-based activities.  Students will put words in ABC order, by the amount of letters they have, or sort by other means.  

3. Application Activities

We all know that it’s not really “learned” until the students are able to apply their learning.  Two activities are offered where students are asked to write their words within a writing.  One way is through spelling sentences and the other way is through a holiday themed story with word bank.  

Spelling does NOT have to be boring!  These activities can transform your spelling centers and offer some fun to repeated practice!  Are you ready for a change in mood from your students?  Get the packet HERE.

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