Word of the Week Vocabulary Activities for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade


Looking for a fun and engaging way to increase your students’ vocabulary? This vocabulary word-of-the-week packet will be a perfect addition to your classroom! Students will enjoy using “$100” words, or in 2nd grade, we called them “5th-grade words.” Students were encouraged to use the word of the week in writing, speaking and hunting in reading!

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This vocabulary word of the week packet will have your students BEGGING to learn new words and with the daily activities, students will fully understand each word by the end of the week.

And the BEST PART is it takes only 10 minutes a day!

What is included in this full-year word-of-the-week vocabulary packet?

  • 36 Word of the Week words
  • Teacher Tips to set-up, introduce and reinforce the vocabulary words
  • 4 Quarter Tests to check for understanding with answer keys
  • Student 2-page layout for each word with daily activities
  • 12 different covers to choose from for the student workbook
  • Each vocabulary word includes a header, definition sheet, and a sentence using the word in context
  • Easy print student workbook

What are the benefits of using Word of the Week in the classroom?

In just 10 minutes a day, you will help to:

  • Increase vocabulary expansion
  • Improved reading comprehension
  • Practice contextual analysis
  • Improve communication in speaking and writing
  • Strengthen memory
  • Increase academic success in all areas of the curriculum

These vocabulary word-of-the-week activities will be the best addition to your classroom this year!

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