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Have you introduced QR codes to your class? If not, prepare to take learning to a whole new level – an ENGAGED and EXCITED level! My students are obsessed with anything that has QR codes! What is the benefit? How about ON TASK behaviors, self-checking, easy prep, and NO GRADING! Plus, you will easily be able to tell which students will need remediation with telling time!

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Use these in centers, whole group (think SCOOT), individually for fast finishers, or remediation to name a few. All cards are available in color and black and white.

I have strategically chosen each question to increase in difficulty. This will also help you, as the teacher, decide where any remediation should occur. The 24 task cards will include:

* Cards 1-4 Time to the hour/half hour

* Cards 5-16 Time to the 5 minutes

* Cards 17-24 Time to those pesky 45/50/55 minutes.

Students will use the faces on the answer sheet to indicate whether the answer was correct or incorrect. Easily tell whether students need clean-up with 1st grade time skills or are simply getting confused when the hour hand looks like it’s moving to the next hour!

If you enjoy the set, but don’t have QR code readers, an answer key is provided so that you can still enjoy the benefits of these leveled task oriented cards!

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