Holiday Math Activities or Centers Craft Cross-Curricular Writing

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Are you looking for an educational bulletin board display for any holiday season? These math crafts are perfect for your math centers! Differentiated to fit your needs, this math craft focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. So no matter what grade level you move to, be assured that these math crafts can follow you!

Seasons and Holidays Added:

  1. Christmas Math Craftivity and Writing (Santa and reindeer)
  2. Thanksgiving Math Craftivity and Writing (scarecrow and turkey)
  3. Valentine’s Day Math Craftivity and Writing (love monster and cupid)
  4. Winter Math Craftivity and Writing (snow globe and snowman)
  5. St. Patrick’s Day Math Craftivity and Writing (leprechaun and rainbow with a pot of gold)
  6. Spring Math Craftivity and Writing (Bunny and egg basket)
  7. Halloween Math Craftivy and Writing (Haunted House and Bat Pumpkin)
  8. Back to School Math Craftivity and Writing (school and bus)
  9. Spring 2 Math Craftivity and Writing (caterpillar and flower)

Skills Addressed in each craftivity:

  • single digit addition
  • two digit addition without regrouping
  • two digit addition with regrouping
  • two digit addition mixed practice
  • three-digit addition without regrouping
  • three-digit addition with regrouping
  • three-digit addition mixed practice
  • single digit subtraction
  • two digit subtraction without regrouping
  • two digit subtraction with regrouping
  • two digit subtraction mixed practice
  • three-digit subtraction without regrouping
  • three-digit subtraction with regrouping
  • three-digit subtraction mixed practice
  • single digit multiplication
  • two digits by one digit multiplication
  • two digit by two digit multiplication
  • division with single-digit divisor

How easy is this to implement?

  1. Student picks their craft
  2. The teacher passes out the problems the student should answer (differentiation)
  3. The student does the math work and the teacher checks for any corrections
  4. Student colors, cut and pastes the problems to their craft!

Cross-curricular extension:

  1. Half-sheets of paper for students to write a word problem that goes with ONE of their number sentences. (available in primary and intermediate lines)
  2. Full writing pages for students to write a descriptive piece about their craft or a story including their craft as their character (available in primary and intermediate lines)

This makes a beautiful bulletin board display for the season!