Emoji Classroom Decor Classroom Jobs EDITABLE


Students will LOVE these emoji themed cards for classroom jobs.
36 classroom jobs are included at 3.5×4”. You can also use the editable PowerPoint file to create your own classroom jobs! Additional editable templates are also included so that you are able to add your student’s names to a card and place under the jobs.

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Classroom Jobs INCLUDE:
* Class Librarian
* Recycling Helper
* Teacher’s Helper
* Desk Washer
* Recycling Helper
* Classroom Cleaner
* Lunch Helper
* Girl Line Leader
* Boy Line Leader
* Boys Bathroom Monitor
* Girls Bathroom Monitor
* Board Eraser
* Girls Caboose
* Boys Caboose
* Chair Stacker
* Recess Helper
* Plant Caretaker
* Pet Caretaker
* Pencil Helper
* Flag Holder
* Messenger
* Paper Passer
* Desk Inspector
* Class Monitor
* Calendar Helper
* Attendance Helper
* Backpack Helper
* Supply Helper
* Homework Checker
* Weather Forecaster
* Class Photographer
* Sub Helper
* Newscaster

Set your printer to “Fit to Page” when printing. Laminate the cards and use a dry erase marker to write in the time and clock hands.

This product includes two types of files. A PDF file that you can print out and a PowerPoint file that you can edit and add any text that you like. You must have PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to edit the file. If you would like to use the same font that I have, you will need to download the FREE FONT KG Behind These Hazel Eyes. The link is included in the file. “