6 Benefits of Using Morning Work in Your Classroom

As elementary teachers, we play such an important role in shaping the minds and attitudes of our students. But, how can we be sure we are creating a positive learning environment that will help our young students grow every single day? I have found that using a consistent morning routine is essential for my students’ growth and development throughout the year. And, it’s as easy as using targeted morning work every single day which my students can complete independently. Not only is morning work a great way to set a consistent routine, but it will also help you set a positive tone for the entire school day. Here are 6 of my favorite benefits of using morning work in the classroom.

Learn the 6 benefits of using morning work in your classroom today!

1. Morning Work Promotes a Smooth Start to the Day

Using morning work every single day helps to set the stage for a smooth and structured start to the day for your students. Students thrive on consistency and predictability.  There is a sense of safety that comes when they know what to expect. Creating a consistent morning routine helps this happen in your classroom.  And. . . it also helps to reduce anxiety in students while also promoting independence.

Start your student's day off right with morning work that will help them get ready for a fun and productive day of learning.

A well-planned morning routine, which includes engaging morning work, will also help your students make the mental transition from home to school. This will allow your kiddos to settle in, mentally prepare for the day, and get ready for a fun day of learning.

2. Morning Work Encourages Independence and Responsibility

Right from the start of the day, morning work encourages your students to take ownership of their learning. By using age-appropriate tasks such as warm-up activities, review of key skills and concepts, and more, you will help foster a sense of responsibility and independence in your kiddos.

Learn the 6 benefits of using morning work in your classroom today!

For example, using number of the day activities, like the Number of the Day 2 and 3 Digit Numbers Place Value Activities Bundle, I can be sure my students are getting the opportunity to practice what we are currently learning in a fun way that doesn’t feel high stakes to them. This means it will be more fun for them to complete and will give me a good idea of how well they are grasping the concepts I am teaching. 

3. Morning Work Promotes Time Management and Focus

Helping our students learn the skill of time management is so important. By giving my students a specific timeframe for completing morning work, I teach my students the importance of prioritizing responsibilities.  They also learn how to manage the time available to complete a task.

My kiddos know to come in, get their bags and belongings put away, make their lunch choices on the whiteboard, then grab their morning work from the morning work tub. After the first week or two of school, this will become a simple routine for my kiddos. 

Help your students learn how to manage their time wisely every day with the introduction of daily morning work.

I know in some schools kiddos line up together in the morning then the teacher takes them to the classroom in one big group. But, more often than not, mornings in elementary school have more of a “rolling start” feel with bus kids arriving all at once and walkers and drop-offs arriving sporadically before the tardy bell rings. That’s a whole lot going on before the bell even rings to start the school day. Setting a morning work routine means each of these kiddos, no matter when they roll in, will be able to easily and independently get organized and ready for the day ahead. 

In addition to fostering a sense of independence, setting a morning routine, which includes morning work, helps your students get into the school mindset. Morning work helps them get ready to concentrate and recall what they are currently learning in your classroom.

4. Morning Work Reinforces Prior Learning

In addition to encouraging independence and responsibility, morning work also reinforces prior learning. Whether that prior learning is from days or weeks prior, we all know how important it is to continue to give students the opportunity to practice key skills and concepts learned throughout the school year. 

I like to use themed morning work throughout the school year to give my students the opportunity to practice previously taught concepts in a fun way they will love. It helps keep my lessons out of that dreaded one-and-done category!

Review key concepts and skills throughout the year with engaging morning work your students will love completing.

Giving students the opportunity to practice previously learned concepts also gives YOU the opportunity to do a quick check of understanding. You can quickly review your students’ morning work and easily identify areas where students may need additional support or intervention. Then, you can differentiate lessons for students individually or in small groups as needed. 

Check out my differentiation series for more helpful tips and tricks to using differentiation effectively in your classroom!

5. Morning Work Helps You Create a Positive Classroom Culture

We all know how important it is to create a positive classroom environment right from the get-go at the beginning of the school year. But, how do we keep that momentum going throughout the year? Surprisingly, morning work is a great way to establish a positive classroom environment.

By giving your students tasks they can accomplish independently, you can set the tone for a productive and fun learning environment each and every day. Engaging morning work sends a message to your kiddos that they are learning and retaining important information.

Creating a positive classroom environment is a goal of every teacher and can be accomplished with meaningful morning work your students can complete in a supportive and collaborative classroom environment you create.

I also love going over morning work with my entire class before we actually jump into our daily schedule. I even call on students who would like to share out their answers giving them the opportunity to show off their knowledge with the class. Nothing is better than seeing a kiddo glowing with pride at the start of the school day. It’s a great way to foster a positive, supportive, and collaborative classroom culture at the beginning of each and every day. 

6. Morning Work Encourages Reflection and Goal Setting

Morning work gives your students an excellent opportunity to engage in self-reflection and goal-setting.

I like to ask my students to look over their morning work as we go over it together as a class. If they see a question they didn’t get quite right, they can go back and look at how they answered the question and see where the mistake was made. This is an easy way for kiddos to learn from their mistakes and encourages a growth mindset. 

By giving your students the opportunity to reflect on their morning work and identify areas where they need improvement you are encouraging a growth mindset from the very beginning of your day.

When students have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes instead of being judged by them, it helps them embrace challenges without the fear of negative consequences. They learn that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process and that taking risks can lead to valuable learning experiences. And, that’s the goal of a growth mindset, right? 

Encouraging a growth mindset is something I focus on heavily in my classroom. So, when I have the opportunity to give my students a daily reminder of the importance of this skill, I know it will be something they remember every day. 

The Power of Morning Work

Using morning work as part of your morning routine will have a major impact on your students throughout the school year. By providing structure, promoting independence, and reinforcing prior learning, morning work sets the tone for a productive and successful day of learning! 

Add some morning work to your daily classroom schedule to see all of these amazing morning work benefits.

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