Halloween and fall spelling activities that are perfect for word work centers

Looking for some fun Fall and Halloween spelling activities? Then I’ve got you covered with these 12 Halloween Spelling practice activities! They can be used with ANY word list, are engaging, and are perfect to add the season into your word work. You can use these during centers, for homework, with partners, for whole groups, or even for virtual learning. Just change the words each week for easy and low prep spelling activities!  And the best part is, you can use these worksheets with differentiated word lists! 

1. Sunflower Words

On this cute sunflower page, students will write each spelling word 7 times on each petal. On the center of the sunflower, they will write the number of syllables.

2. Pumpkin Patch

Your students will love practicing their spelling words as they add one letter at a time to each of the adorable pumpkins. 

3. Spider Spelling

On these silly spiders, students will write the spelling word 4 times on the spider legs.

Spider Spelling page for Fall and Halloween Spelling Activities

4. Web Writing

For this spelling page, your students get to write their spelling words repeatedly in each section of the creepy web. 

5. Bat Syllables

On this Bat Syllables page, students separate their spelling words into syllables. Students write each segment into the batwing, then the body, then the next bat wing. If the word is more than 3 syllables, students add the word to the spooky ghost at the bottom of the page. 

6. Candy Corn Spelling

In this Fall and Halloween spelling activity, students write their spelling words in the candy corn. Each candy corn is split into 3 sections. Students will write their spelling words 3 times in each of the candy corn sections. 
Candy Corn Spelling Page of Fall and Halloween Spelling Activities

7. Acorn Spelling

Each of these cute acorns is split into 3 sections. Students write their spelling words at the top of the acorn. In the bottom 2 sections students write the number of vowels and the number of consonants. 
Acorn Spelling Fall and Halloween Spelling Activity

8. Fallicious Writing

For this fall page, students use their creativity and use the words from the box and their spelling words to write a fun fall story. Students underline their spelling words as they use them. 

9. Spooky Roll and Spell

Your students will have so much fun with this Spooky Roll and Spell! For this page, they will roll the dice and then write their words according to the number that they rolled. Some of the fun options include; writing the words in marker, writing the letters in ghosts, and writing the words in fancy letters. 

10. Pumpkin Shape Spelling

For this Fall and Halloween spelling activity, students write their spelling words along the inside of the different sized pumpkins once. 

11. Spelling Sentences

For this spelling sentences page, students write their spelling word in the box and then write a complete sentence with the word on the line. Then students circle the spelling word in the sentence. 

12. Spelling Codes

Your students will LOVE cracking these spelling codes! First, they will write their spelling word on the line. Next, they use the scary Halloween symbol that matches the letter to write their spelling word. 
Fall and Halloween Spelling Activities

Looking for a DIGITAL option?  

These same worksheets make great practice for the computer as well!  Google slides compatible.

I know that these Fall and Halloween spelling activities will help you incorporate the season into your word work time! It’s a great way for students to feel like they are enjoying the season without the thought of doing actual work!  Sometimes we need to be tricky as teachers…

I’d love to see how you use them in your classroom, so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram! 


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