Four Fun Halloween STEM Activities to celebrate the season using the STEM process

Looking for not only fun Halloween activities but activities that will also be engaging and even academic? Then you NEED these Halloween STEM Activities! These Halloween STEM Activities are sure to have your students creating and participating! With so many Halloween activities out there, these STEM activities will ask students to research, design to meet a challenge, test the challenge, and then record their information and reflect on the outcomes.

This Halloween STEM Activity pack includes four activities with planning, recording, and reflections sheets. In these four activities students will be:

  • Constructing the tallest haunted house
  • Creating a web to catch the most spiders
  • Creating the most life-like skeleton
  • Stacking candy corn to create the tallest structure

Take a Look at the Four Halloween STEM Activities

1. Spider Webs

In this activity, students will be constructing a spider web to collect the most spiders for their spooky Halloween scene. Students will be working in groups of three. Students may only use the materials given to them which will be: 6 popsicle sticks, tape, yarn, pipe cleaners, and scissors.

For the first step, students will use the plan sheet to determine what their spider web will look like. They can look to the internet for ideas and then record and sketch their ideas. Students will use the next sheet to record their data for their first and second attempts. The questions provided will help them to analyze their data. Finally, students will use the reflection sheet to determine what worked with their spider web, and what they would do differently next time.

Plastic ring spiders in web for four fun Halloween STEM Activities

This Spider Webs activity is sure to keep your students engaged and learning! It also has differentiation included for your lower-level learners and advanced learners!

2. Scary Skeletons

The next activity your students will love is the Scary Skeletons! In this activity, students will need to get creative to construct a skeleton out of Q-tips to help decorate the classroom. The challenge is that the skeleton needs to be realistic! The most realistic skeleton voted by the class is the winner!

Students will need to research skeletons carefully and then create their skeletons on paper. Students will be in groups of 2-3. The materials they will need are: Q-tips, scissors, glue, a skeleton head, and a piece of black construction paper. You may also print out a paper of the human skeleton if you would prefer to have your students stay off the internet.

Skeleton made out of q-tips for a fun Halloween STEM Activity

Included is the plan sheet where students can design their skeleton. On the next page, students can collect and analyze their data by giving each group a number from 1-10 on how they would rate their skeleton. The reflection sheet allows students to analyze how they liked their skeleton and what they would do differently the next time. There is also a rubric where students can rate themselves on how well they feel they did on the project.

3. Haunted House Homes

For this exciting activity, students get to create a haunted house that will give the ghouls an area to spook! For this challenge, the haunted house must be free-standing, have three towers, and the tallest point must be at least one foot tall. They also only have 30 minutes to create their haunted house!

Students will be in groups of 2-3 and may only use the materials provided. The materials students will need are: construction paper, tape, Play-doh, two toilet paper rolls, ten popsicle sticks, scissors, and a ruler. There is also a page full of ghouls that students may use for fun!

A Fun Halloween STEM Activity for students to make a haunted house

Using the plan sheet students will design their haunted house and determine what they need to do to make it free-standing. They will also sketch out their haunted house and decide how they will use the materials to create their house. Next, they will use the Data Collection and Analysis page to compare each table’s haunted houses. The Reflection Sheet allows students to think about what worked in the design of their haunted house and how they could improve next time.

4. Candy Corn Stack

This last activity is sure to get your students thinking and having fun! For this last challenge, students will need to stack candy corn as high as they can! The challenge is it must be free-standing, they are only allowed to use the materials provided, and they only have 20 minutes! The group with the highest stack at the end of the time period wins!

Candy Corn Stack Halloween STEM Activity

The plan sheet will help help your students design their stack with questions such as; what their base should look like. On the Data and Collection Analysis page students will use a table to make comparisons of each table to see which group had the highest stack. This page also includes questions to analyze why a stack was high or why it wasn’t. Lastly, the reflection sheet gives your students a page to think about what they did differently at the beginning of the activity versus the end of the activity. Students will then use the rubric to grade themselves on how well they did in the activity.

Child measuring stacked candy corn for a fun Halloween STEM activity

As the Halloween season approaches, I hope you and your class can use these Halloween STEM Activities! I know they will keep your students excited about the holiday while still learning and challenging them implementing STEM in the classroom!

I’d love to see how you used these Halloween STEM Activities in your classroom! Take a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook!
If you’re looking for a FREE stem activity to try out in your classroom, you can try this Easy STEM activity to get your kids excited!  It’s a great introduction to the format of all my seasonal STEM activities.


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