Burlap + Teal Classroom Decor

Happy summer, and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to begin this blogging journey, so I appreciate you stopping by and checking it out. 
If you’re anything like me, you probably spend part of your summer dreaming about next year’s classroom! I think that decorating our classrooms and changing the themes is the thing that keeps most of us coming back year after year. 😉 It’s just too fun to set up your room and dream about all of the sweet faces that are going to be learning in that environment. 
One trend that has really been catching my eye this past year is farmhouse decor in the classroom. I love burlap and teal, and all things rustic! It has taken over my house ala Chip and Joanna style! I am so obsessed, that I had to design a Burlap Classroom Decor Set that I am excited to show you!

My favorite part about a classroom is transforming it into a “home.”  It makes it so much easier to spend so much time in a room when it makes you feel cozy and comfortable!  And why not?  As teachers, our classroom is our second home and we spend A LOT of time there! Amiright??? That’s what I love so much about the burlap theme. You can take any classroom and make it look adorable and put your students at ease with just a few simple decor changes! Take a look at what I have here:

This pack comes with bunting banners to personalize door frames, bulletin boards, your desk, or whatever else you can think of! 
A full calendar set is included with headings, days of the week cards, number cards, and several holiday cards.
Here, I have September all prepped for next school year. Instead of September 3rd, I put the Labor Day card in its place. It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s 3-day weekends…is it? 😉 
Class helper cards are also in this pack. You can set this up as a separate place in your room. I like to put clothes pins on the cards with student names on them, so it’s easy to change as students change jobs. An editable card is also included for you to print or type your students names to place underneath.  I have also seen teachers turn cards like this into pockets by stapling or gluing three sides of the card, and then inserting a popsicle stick with a student name on it. There are so many ways to make a job chart cute! 
Your classroom will be organized and easy for your students to navigate with materials such as label supplies (above) and table numbers (below).   Generic numbers 1-32 are also included to use any way you see fit!  You truly can never have too many little organizational systems in place for a classroom. It helps keep things running smoothly because your students always know where things go and what to expect! 
There are different name tag options: one for younger grades with the alphabet (vowels are highlighted!), a number line with dots for counting on or back, left and right, and handwriting lines. There are also versions where you simply write the student’s name. These are editable if you prefer to type names rather than write them by hand. These templates are really perfect for anything!  Hello locker tags!  🙂 

Alphabet posters and word walls are essential to any elementary classroom. These burlap sets will really do the trick to give your room that rustic feel! 

So, I know that this is photo overload…but this isn’t even everything included in this set! If you want to see this product in my TPT store, you can click HERE or any of the photos above. 🙂
What are your thoughts on classroom themes? Do you love them? Do you already have one? Let me know in the comments! 
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Get ready for back to school with a shabby chic design that is in style! This burlap classroom decor is sure to be a hit with children and teachers. The theme gives a "homey" feel when the decorations are added to your classroom. From calendar to jobs, this is a great cohesive set for a farmhouse or burlap theme! #backtoschool #classroomdecor #classroomtheme #burlaptheme #burlapandteal #classtheme


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