Phonics Worksheets – Digraphs, Vowel Diphthongs, Long Vowels & MORE!

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Challenge Phonics worksheets are now available in print and digital formats. Are you tired of teaching digraphs, vowel diphthongs, bossy r, trigraphs, and long vowels with simple words for your challenging students? This bundle has phonics worksheets that will focus on those phonics sounds while using multisyllabic challenge words to engage your audience of 2nd-5th graders. These phonics worksheets are richer in vocabulary content, have multiple syllables and include engaging activities!

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What phonics sounds are included in this print and digital bundle?

Long Vowels: a_e, ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, i_e, ie, igh, o_e, ow, oa, u_e, ue, ew

Diphthongs: au, aw, oo, oo, oy, oi, ow, ou, ui

Digraphs: sh, th, ch, wh, ph, kn, qu, wr, and ck

Bossy R: or, ar, er, ir, ur, ear, ere, eer, air, are, ear, oar, ore, ier, ire

3-Letter Blends: shr, str, spl, scr, spr, squ, and the

What activities are included for each phonics focus?

  • INTRODUCTION PAGE – FLUENCY – circle diphthongs, read words 3x each, and read to partners;
  • SPELLING – unscramble; PHONICS FOCUS – syllables, diphthong place, or comparing sounds and ABC Order; APPLICATION – Sentence Completion
  • COMPREHENSION PAGE – APPLICATION – read the story littered with the diphthong of the week;
  • COMPREHENSION – answer the questions; FLUENCY – repeated readings of the story.
  • HANDS-ON PAGE – PHONICS FOCUS – Cut and paste activity OR Roll the dice and write;
  • VOCABULARY – choose and draw a word
  • WORD SEARCH – SPELLING – find the words in the search, but be careful…..there are “dud” words strewed about!

**The digital version activities will vary depending on whether it lends itself well to the digital format**

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