Number of the Day Place Value Activities | 3-digit Number of the Day Worksheets


These number-of-the-day worksheets are perfect for keeping students engaged and focused on three-digit place value practice each day!  Each of these Number of the Day worksheets has a similar format that will help your students complete the place value worksheets independently and gain confidence in their three-digit place value skills.

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With 60 pages covering a variety of number sense and place value skills each day, you won’t have to search any further for high-quality and effective number of the day worksheets that your students will love. Plus, these place value worksheets are NO PREP. You simply print & go! 

Are 60 pages NOT enough?

This packet is completely customizable with an included editable Number of the Day template PowerPoint file for you to use with ANY NUMBER you wish. Simply type in your number on the designated edit fields, print & go!

.These 3-digit Number of the Day Place worksheets include: 

  • 60 Number of the Day worksheets with random numbers chosen
  • Answer keys for all pages
  • Editable PowerPoint file for you to use any number you need

These Number of the Day Place Value Activities cover the following skills EACH day: 

  • Skip Counting by 2s and 5s
  • One/Ten/Hundred More/Less
  • Draw Place Value Blocks
  • Least to Greatest
  • Choose the number written 2 different ways
  • Hundreds/Tens/Ones in order
  • Add and Subtract with no regrouping (3 digits by 2 digits)
  • Even and Odd
  • Write in Word Form
  • Expanded Form

These Number of the Day Place Value Activities are great for homework, centers, fast finishers, and more! You can easily provide your students with needed two-digit place value practice without all of the prep. 

See What Other Teachers Are Saying . . .

I love this resource! I used this daily so that students could review multiple 2nd grade standards they might be struggling with! I saw major growth after several weeks of repeating this activity daily.

Amazing product to use with my struggling students. These are wonderful for just practicing number sense. The kiddos love completing these!

My students loved using this resource for a hands-on small group! Very easy to prepare and my students were engaged the whole time! Thank you for this amazing resource! 

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