Math Worksheets Telling Time, Money, 3-digit Addition & Subtraction, Place Value


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These math worksheets are not your typical math worksheets! Students think these are math games and have so much fun! These math activities are differentiated for Telling time, money, 3-digit addition and subtraction, place value skills and 2-digit addition. Not only are they engaging math worksheets, but they are also self-checking!

What is included in these engaging math worksheet games?

1. 2-Digit Addition

  • no regrouping
  • 1 regrouping
  • 2 regroupings
  • Mixed practice

2. Addition & Subtraction to 20 – Critical thinking is involved because there are no answer keys since there are repeat answers.

  • Add to 10
  • Add to 20
  • Subtract from 10
  • Subtract from 20
  • Doubles Facts
  • Doubles +1
  • Mixed Operations

3. 3-Digit Addition

  • no regrouping
  • 1 regrouping
  • 2 regroupings
  • Mixed practice

4. 3-Digit Subtraction

  • no regrouping
  • 1 regrouping
  • 2 regroupings
  • Mixed practice

5. Place Value with 2-Digit, 3-Digit & 4-Digit Practice

  • Word Form
  • Expanded Form
  • Model Form
  • Mixed Practice

6. Money

  • Counting Pennies, Nickels & Dimes under $1
  • Counting Pennies, Nickels, Dimes & Quarters under $1
  • Counting over $1 including dollar bills
  • Making Change

7. Telling Time

  • Half-hour
  • 5 minutes
  • 1 minute
  • Elapsed time half-hour
  • Elapsed time to the minute

These fabulous and fun math worksheets are perfect for:

  • Math Centers
  • Individual differentiated work
  • Whole group classwork
  • Early finishers
  • Substitutes
  • Homework
  • Review Work

Each Skill Swirl resource offers multiple differentiated opportunities for your students. The work is created to all look the same so the students are unaware there are different levels.

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