Math Language Arts Self-Grading Google Forms Bundle | Print & Digital

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Students will be up for the challenge of completing these math and language arts digital task cards using Google Forms. These are editable, to add or delete slides, or to customize for your needs. Included in this bundle are the digital versions as well as most printable task card versions.

**Check back as I may be adding sets to this bundle**

Created in Google Forms™

Compatible with Google Classroom™ and Google Drive™ and most digital platforms


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There are THREE to FOUR different sets of questions to help keep the learning fun and engaging for each and every deck. This gives the teacher confidence in knowing that your student truly mastered the skill.

Included in this set currently are:
Language Arts Self-Grading Google forms

  • Common and Proper Nouns (digital version only)
  • Main Idea & Details (digital version only) Added 4/2/20
  • Fact and Opinion (digital version only) Added 4/3/20
  • Antonyms (print and digital)
  • Predictions (print and digital)
  • Context Clues (print and digital)
  • Verbs (print and digital)

Mathematics Self-Grading Google Forms (all digital below)

  • Place Value 2-Digit
  • Place Value 3- Digit
  • Counting Coins under $1.00
  • Counting Money with quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies and dollars ($1, $5)
  • Telling Time to Five Minutes – Added 4/30/20
  • Fractions – Added 5/4/20

Why should you use a Google Forms Product?

  • Fully editable – add/delete questions, create multiple forms, etc.
  • No printing, cutting or laminating. Completely paperless.
  • Each student receives their own file
  • Self-Grading – a report will be generated to show how each of your students answered. Perfect for remediation or enrichment activities.
  • Work is automatically saved
  • Technology = automatic engagement
  • Students can gain access anywhere with internet and the link!
  • Any device that has Google Forms will be able to be used.

These cards are great to use for:

• Whole Class Instruction

• Mini Lessons

• Small Group Instruction

• Math Centers

• Independent Work

• Intervention

These Google Forms questions are adapted from my digital BOOM cards decks. Question stems and clipart will be similar, but activities will be slightly adjusted.

When you purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to add the resource to your Google Drive. From there, you will share out your link to students using whatever platform you use. Steps are also included to get your resource into Google Classroom for your students.

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