Easy Winter STEM Activities – Winter Themed Fun STEAM Science Activities

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Looking for an easy way to bring winter themed activities into your classroom?  Look no further than these winter STEM challenges! These easy winter STEM activities will have your students excited to work together to build their STEM skills. Winter fun themed STEM activities are perfect for all students and can be adapted for many grade levels. 

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These easy Winter STEM Activities/ STEAM Activities Include:

★ Construct a sledding ramp to see who can slide the farthest

★ Build the tallest snowman to help scare birds away

★ Construct an igloo to keep the Arctic animals safe from the weather elements

★ Construct a marshmallow shooter to see who can shoot the furthest distance

These engaging and fun winter STEM activities will have your students begging for more challenges! 

With each winter STEM challenge, you will receive:

✓ Outline

✓ Teacher brief for suggested materials and the goal of the design

✓ Anchor chart to keep students focused on the intended goal

✓ Design page for students

✓ Recording page for students to document their data collection during the STEM challenges

✓ Reflection page for students to ponder any changes

These winter STEM fun activities were created with three goals in mind:

  1. easily available materials
  2. cheap materials 
  3. follows the STEM design process

Remember, there will be MULTIPLE ways that these winter STEM challenges can be completed, and that’s OK!  You want students to understand that there is NOT just one correct answer. The goal is to take students through the STEM design process and be able to reflect in the end. 

Enjoy these easy winter-themed STEM activities / STEAM activities!


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