Challenge Phonics 3 letter blends – Three Letter Blends Digital Phonics

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Challenge Phonics – 3 Letter Blends has gone DIGITAL! These three-letter blends Google Slides introduce students to multisyllabic words to engage your audience of high-flying 2nd through 5th graders. These 3 letter blends digital phonics slides are richer in vocabulary content, multisyllabic and offer engaging drag and drop activities!

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Created in Google Slides™

Compatible with Google Classroom™ and Google Drive™

3-letter Blends included in this resource are: scr, squ, shr, str, spl, thr, spr

Each Three Letter Blend Slides will include:

  • FLUENCY – read each word 3x each and checkmark
  • SPELLING – unscramble
  • PHONICS FOCUS – syllables, ABC Order
  • WORD WORK – either a sort, roll dice and write, or other engaging activity
  • APPLICATION – Sentence Completion
  • HUNT & FIND FLUENCY – read the story and find the 3-letter blend words (may be worksheet words or others); repeated readings
  • COMPREHENSION – answer the questions
  • WORD SEARCH – SPELLING – find the words in the search, but be careful…..there are “dud” words strewed about!

Students will love these Three Letter Blends digital phonics activities!

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